Selected Research
NSF-funded, long-term investigation of watersheds and nearshore marine environments; EPA-funded wetland toxicity center.

Impacts to estuary from runoff/effluents; nutrient dynamics in estuarine ecosystem; long-term vegetation sampling in relationship to soil texture, salinity, tidal innundation, and competition or facilitation among species.

Size/distribution of estuarine fish populations; competition/resource allocation among marine/estuarine fish.

Effects of parasites on hosts and spatial distribution of trematode populations; demographic, competition, and resource allocation studies of bivalves and other invertebrates.

Special Programs
Field courses: University courses, including plant ecology, environmental studies, marine biology, and a research-mentorship program.

Bird studies: Ongoing monthly bird surveys provide census data, information on habitat-use and species-density changes.

Habitat restoration: Extensive marsh restoration at CSM nature park; removal of invasive exotic plants.

Public outreach: Class visits from local elementary/secondary schools; field trips through such local organizations as Santa Barbara Botanic Garden and Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History; interpretive panels along nature trail in nature park; weekly docent-led tours.